A durable, easy to use sealant that forms a barrier, sealing shine in and dirt out .Surfaces protected with sealants are easier to keep clean as dirt finds it harder to stick to the slippery surface.Extra Gloss Protection is not a polish, so will not remove or improve the appearance of scratchs, swirls or dull paint. If your paint has these problems use Super Resin Polish first followed by Extra Gloss Protection to lock in the shine. Apply to clean, polished paintwork and protect your gloss for longer.Pro Tip: If you use Extra Gloss Protection then you don't need to use a wax as well.


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    • Shake well and apply the sealant to a soft cloth.
    • Apply a thin, even layer to the painted surfaces. Do not apply to unpainted rubber or unpainted plastic trim.
    • Allow 30 minutes to dry and buff with a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth.
    • Wash regularly with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner. This will remove dirt but not the Extra Gloss Protection.